Sharp Performance

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying high quality dealer copy key tags, license plate frames and other auto related promotional products to thousands of automobile dealers together with manufacturing and supplying logoed product to organizations and corporations throughout the world. Our foundations, firmly established in brand/ name recognition products, customer retention, performance, service, loyalty, incentives, motivation, corporate gifts, and appreciation, have positioned us as the preferred source for engaging the end user.

Our Team

Our management team has well over a century of combined experience in manufacturing promotional product. We specialize in developing solutions and solving challenges to promote the name and contact information of auto dealers, government organizations, non profits, and corporations around the world.

Our promotional product range is extensive and conveys a high perceived value while symbolizing your corporate / auto dealer culture.

– A fully staffed Graphic Department creates concepts and ideas to promote brand names.
– Our overseas departments are highly experienced in manufacturing and logistics.
– Reliable delivery with realistic shipping options.
– East coast & West coast locations to better serve customers all over the US, Canada, South America, and Europe.


Our mission is to be a premier designer, manufacturer and supplier of personalized, quality promotional and gift products to auto dealers, retailers and the corporate world. We will continue to pursue vigorously new business opportunities, in areas consistent with our current strengths and expertise, including acquisitions to provide acceptable levels of profitability.


To offer a broad range of logoed / auto dealer / corporate named product, anchored by world class service, driven with high-tech technology, and in a flexible format that is designed to achieve name recognition and customer retention in a cost effective and efficient manner.


of our company

Sharp Performance USA was formed by several private high net worth investors as they identified the need to have a well capitalized company which could provide high quality products to various sectors without being dependent upon traditional bank financing.

-In early 2009, Sharp acquired the assets of the automotive business division of Concord Industries. This acquisition excluded all of Concord’s other divisions and liabilities.

-In 2012, Sharp expanded operations to Irwindale Los Angeles CA, and relocated their headquarters. This expansion brought significant efficiencies in logistics and transit times. This Irwindale facility houses sales, warehouse, local production, and logistics. The move also extended customer service hours for customers all over the US, Canada, and South America.

-In April 2015 the owners of Medo Co decided to merge the Company’s US operations and businesses, including Pin Factory, into Sharp Performance USA Inc. There already existed common ownership between the two companies and the resultant entity entitled Sharp Performance USA Inc, brings significant operational efficiencies going forward.

We Believe

Successful businesses will learn to do more with less:

– Customer Satisfaction enhances retention and facilitates acquisition
– People are the key element in the customer experience
– Customers enjoy being rewarded with a high quality, useful item
– A quality item is retained and used; a cheap item is quickly discarded
– An organization is heavily identified with the promotional product they provide to their customers
– If a customer is buying a quality product, he expects to receive a thank you gift of similar quality

We Are

A complete one stop resource for providing all of your promotional products with minimal involvement from you at a highly competitive price point when compared to the quality of the product. We have the knowledge and tools as well as the human and financial capital to ensure your satisfaction.

Sharp Performance USA Inc. is headquartered in Irwindale CA, with offices in Norwalk CT.